Papers From AQUADAPT (Phase I)

Fish Cage Culture

  • Emotions, Attitudes, and Appraisal in the Management of Climate-Related Risks by Fish Farmers in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Impacts, Perceptions and Management of Climate-Related Risks to Cage Aquaculture in the Reservoirs of Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Learning About Climate-Related Risks: Decisions of Northern Thailand Fish Farmers in a Role-Playing Simulation Game (Abstract)
  • Tilapia Diseases and Management in River-Based Cage Aquaculture in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Risk of Impacts From Extreme Weather and Climate in River-Based Tilapia Cage Culture in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Climate Risk Management in River-Based Tilapia Cage Culture in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Perceptions of Climate-Related Risks and Awareness of Climate Change of Fish Cage Farmers in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Access to Fish Cage Aquaculture in the Ping River, Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • River-Based Cage Aquaculture of Tilapia in Northern Thailand: Sustainability of Rearing and Business Practices (Abstract)

Fish Pond Culture

  • Effect of Water De-Stratification on Dissolved Oxygen and Ammonia in Tilapia Ponds in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Off-Flavor Characterization in High-Nutrient-Load Tilapia Ponds in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Effects of Temperature Upon Water Turnover in Fish Ponds in Northern Thailand (Abstract)

Hatcheries, Value Chains and Sector

  • Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Inland Aquaculture Policies in Thailand (Abstract)
  • Planning for Production of Freshwater Fish Fry in a Variable Climate in Northern Thailand (Abstract)


  • Gender and the Management of Climate-Related Risks in Northern Thailand (Abstract)