Papers From 2010

The following papers are selected publications from 2010 by Dr. Louis Lebel, Director of USER.

  • The Role of Social Learning in Adaptiveness: Insights From Water Management (Abstract)
  • Pursuits of Adaptiveness in the Shared Rivers of Monsoon Asia (Abstract)
  • Innovation Cycles, Niches and Sustainability in the Shrimp Aquaculture Industry in Thailand (Abstract)
  • Earth System Governance: A Research Framework (Abstract)
  • Navigating the Anthropocene: The Earth System Governance Project Strategy Paper (Abstract)
  • Gaining Public Acceptance: A Critical Strategic Priority of the World Commission on Dams (Abstract)
  • Deliberation, Negotiation and Scale in the Governance of Water Resources in the Mekong Region (Abstract)
  • Access and Allocation in Earth System Governance: Water and Climate Change Compared (Abstract)