Papers From 2015

The following papers are selected publications from 2015 by Dr. Louis Lebel, Director of USER.

  • Assessments of Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being in Thailand Build and Create Demand for Coproductive Capacity (Abstract)
  • Gender Relations and Water Management in Different Eco-Cultural Contexts in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Governing Ecosystem Services from Upland Watersheds in Southeast Asia, Vulnerability of Land Systems in Asia (Abstract)
  • Linking Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Human Well-Being: Three Challenges for Designing Research for Sustainability (Abstract)
  • Coastal Seas in a Changing World: Anthropogenic Impact and Environmental Responses (Abstract)
  • Narrowing Gaps Between Research and Policy Development in Climate Change Adaptation Work in the Water Resources and Agriculture Sectors of Cambodia (Abstract)
  • Perceptions of Climate-Related Risks and Awareness of Climate Change of Fish Cage Farmers in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Climate Risk Management in River-Based Tilapia Cage Culture in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Risk of Impacts From Extreme Weather and Climate in River-Based Tilapia Cage Culture in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Off-Flavor Characterization in High Nutrient Load Tilapia Ponds in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Effect of Water De-Stratification on Dissolved Oxygen and Ammonia in Tilapia Ponds in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Planning for Production of Freshwater Fish Fry in a Variable Climate in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Coproductive Capacities: Rethinking Science-Governance Relations in a Diverse World (Abstract)