Papers From 2016

The following papers are selected publications from 2016 by Dr. Louis Lebel, Director of USER.

  • Knowledge and Innovation Relationships in the Shrimp Industry in Thailand and Mexico (Abstract)
  • Tilapia Diseases and Management in River-Based Cage Aquaculture in Northern Thailand (Abstract)
  • Crafting Usable Knowledge for Sustainable Development (Abstract)
  • Entry Points for Climate-Informed Planning for the Water Resources and Agriculture Sectors in Cambodia (Abstract)
  • Linking Knowledge With Action in the Pursuit of Sustainable Water-Resources Management (Abstract)
  • Learning About Climate-Related Risks: Decisions of Northern Thailand Fish Farmers in a Role-Playing Simulation Game (Abstract)
  • Disaster Governance and the Scalar Politics of Incomplete Decentralization: Fragmented and Contested Responses to the 2011 Floods in Central Thailand (Abstract)