Papers From Pre-2006

The following papers are selected publications from pre-2006 by Dr. Louis Lebel, Director of USER.

  • Politics of Scale, Position and Place in the Governance of Water Resources in the Mekong Region (Abstract)
  • Nobody Knows Best: Alternative Perspectives on Forest Management and Governance in Southeast Asia: Politics, Law and Economics (Abstract)
  • Policy Responses to Complex Environmental Problems: Insights From a Science-Policy Activity on Transboundary Haze From Vegetation Fires in Southeast Asia (Abstract)
  • Industrial Transformation and Shrimp Aquaculture in Thailand and Vietnam: Pathways to Ecological, Social and Economic Sustainability? (Abstract)
  • School Performance and Weight Status of Children and Young Adolescents in a Transitional Society in Thailand (Abstract)
  • A Multi-Centre Cross-Sectional Survey on Safety at Construction sites in Thailand, 1994-1995 (Abstract)
  • Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Obese and Normal School Children: Association of Insulin With Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors (Abstract)