WALKS Program

Wellbeing, Alternative Livelihoods and Knowledge Systems

The WALKS program focuses on improving well-being and livelihood opportunities of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

We use a combination of approaches from participatory action research, partnerships with others through to capacity building activities aimed at grass-root and local government actors.

We have looked carefully at economic and social issues in low-income households paying special attention to interactions between innovation, science & technology, emerging markets and practical knowledge.

Photo: Pixabay

Empirical work has taken place in a wide range of geographical settings from coastal zones through floodplains and into the uplands of Thailand.  We have also carried out several comparative studies in collaboration with research groups in neighbouring countries.

Our theoretical contributions have focused on integrating the idea of sustainable livelihoods with the application of resilience-style system analysis at the household level. We have found these concepts helpful in operationalizing ideas about sustainable livelihoods in volatile and otherwise dynamic social, political and ecological contexts.