Scenarios are plausible stories about how the future might unfold. They are one way to develop or test strategies when there are large and important uncertainties. When we build scenarios together, we learn about other people’s interests as well as their expectations about the future.

Regional landscape scenarios

Participatory scenario planning is one way to support multi-stakeholder deliberations that, in turn, may inform negotiations and decision.  Scenarios, in short, may function as ‘boundary objects’ between stakeholders. What makes some scenario processes much more successful than other needs further study.

Selected Publications

  • Scenarios as boundary objects in the allocation of water resources and services in the Mekong Region.(Chapter)
  • Using holistic scenarios to re-write rural futures. (Chapter)
  • Participation in building scenarios of regional development (Chapter)
  • Lebel L. (2006). Multi-level scenarios for exploring alternative futures for upper tributary watersheds in mainland Southeast Asia Mountain Research and Development 26:263-273. (Abstract)
  • Sub-global Scenarios (Chapter)