Dialogues and Conversations Among Stakeholders

Photo: Pixabay

Dialogues that create spaces for meaningful conversations among diverse stakeholders can help shape more formal negotiation and decision-making processes by bringing in a wider range of perspectives on needs, impacts, and options. Comparison of dialogues on the Rhine, Mekong, and Ganga-Brahmaputhra-Meghna river basins suggests that effectiveness of dialogues is dependent upon not just the quality of participation and facilitation, but also on the preparation and follow-up actions by conveners and participants.

New Paper tiled “The effectiveness of multi-stakeholder dialogues on water: reflections on experiences in the Rhine, Mekong, and Ganga-Brahmaputhra-Meghna river basins” by: Dr. Patrick Huntjens, Dr.┬áLouis Lebel, and Dr. Brian Furze.